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National level seminar on Nursing insights for critical care excellence - April 2024 Placement drive-Seminar and training on softskills, Interview skills,Medical coding,Competitive exams & Additional languages - French &German.


The Power of Storytelling in Interviews


Communication is the solvent of all problems and is the foundation for personal development.              
--Peter Shepherd

In the ever-evolving landscape of education and career development, effective communication and storytelling skills have become paramount, especially when navigating the competitive realm of interviews.
We integrate a curriculum rooted in Design Thinking within the nursing and health industry, aiming to empower students through our five comprehensive growth centers. These centers foster an entrepreneurial mindset and contribute to the overall development of personnel.
The students of SNS College of Nursing have  mastered healthcare and have also honed their abilities to convey their experiences effectively. As soft skills play a pivotal role in career advancement, our curriculum prioritizes communication and storytelling as integral components of professional development through the SpineX program.
Beyond clinical expertise, our budding nurses are equipped with strong storytelling abilities  where they can effectively communicate complex medical information, fostering empathy and understanding patients, their families and communities emotions which also pave way to crack interviews.
Nursing students embrace the vision of cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset which is positioned to revolutionize healthcare. To impart clinical excellence hands-on training & networking are given from Kumaran Medical Centre and BRJ Ortho Centre & MAK Hospital.
We produce highly qualified and certified nurses who can improve the health and wellness of every member of our society by offering high-quality education that meets international standards, instilling professional ethics and skill-based clinical excellence in nursing students, and providing patient care.