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National level seminar on Nursing insights for critical care excellence - April 2024 Placement drive-Seminar and training on softskills, Interview skills,Medical coding,Competitive exams & Additional languages - French &German.

skill based clinical training

skill and career development

We are keen to shape our young minds through development of Skill-based clinical training focusing their professional development in nursing and medical industry. To achieve this, we have created a center for Skill and Career Development (SCD), which offers insightful Skills Development Programmes to groom students and make them true professional. This centre aims to achieve the enhancement of employability objectives by conducting intensive process oriented core training and organizing medical/social club activities and events. Students' get an opportunity to attend a wide range of interactive workshops, training sessions that help them to recognize, develop and articulate their core professional skill-set for their future success.

supporting pm initiatives



We endeavor to develop and sharpen critical technical skills along with values and ethics to produce excellent human resource.


We make sure that students are corporate ready by Inculcating in them not only with good academic grades but developing an all-rounder in life skills as well.


Building Life Skills (Social, Emotional & Cognitive) through Various Clubs

4 Career tracks

life skill development

club activities

arp/bog award

top contest


business development

latest tools and technologies

vqar training

coding training

knowledge hub - skill based training

certification courses

Completing a certification course demonstrates the dedication, motivation and technical knowledge that one has on a specific domain. Our faculty and student community constantly focuses on upgrading their skill set in their preferred domain.

Department Specific Tools

becoming a professional therapist

career development programmes

We endeavor to develop and sharpen critical therapeutic skills along with values and ethics to produce excellent human resource. We also make sure that our students are ready to become a professional therapist by providing vigorous training.

opd/hospital training

excellence in leadership

entrepreneurship development

We constantly encourage our young minds to seek out for simple problems around them and try solving it. Our students are well motivated to know that their small contribution, would make a huge difference in the society. That is the kind of innovation culture that we practice in our Entrepreneurship Development Cell.

design thinking workshop